Swedish insurer launches pregnancy app

Swedish insurer and a subsidiary of RSA Trygg-Hansa has introduced a pregnancy and maternity app for pregnant and new mothers to help them work out. The exercises focus on the whole and can be easily done at home. In addition to training sessions, programs, and courses, users can reach out to training expert Anna R Landaeus with any questions. “You will also be able to immerse yourself as the app offers knowledge-enhancing articles, movies and audio clips. This may include, for example, exercise with pelvic-related pain, how the body is affected during pregnancy and how hard you can actually exercise during your pregnancy.”

“With the Pregnant and Maternity Training app, we help more people find the right level in their training during and after pregnancy. As insurance companies, we’re not just there if something happens. We also work injury prevention together with our customers, in full accordance with our customer promise and communication concept Security for life.” – Alexandra Björnsson, Children’s Insurance Expert at Trygg-Hansa.

The app is available to those that have purchased Trygg-Hansa’s pregnancy insurance.

Similarly, in June health insurer Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) also launched a pregnancy app called “TK Babyzeit” for women to access information and services relating to pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding.