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Lessonly raises $15 million Series C led by AXA Venture Partners

By Shefi Ben-Hutta
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Clearcover car insurance launches in Wisconsin!

By Alice Patel, Clearcover ·

RiskGenius Releases COVID Coverage Checklist to Help Commercial Insurers Evaluate Coronavirus Exposure

By Jennifer Overhulse, St. Nick Media Services ·

Innovation, Innovation, Innovation

By Denise Garth, Majesco ·

Clearsurance announces a small business survey to review commercial insurance companies

By Clearsurance Staff, Clearsurance ·

Finding opportunities in these trying Covid-19 times

By Kaenan Hertz, Insurtech Advisors LLC ·

Insurance’s Next Step: Real Core System Innovation

By Denise Garth, Majesco ·

BrokerTech Ventures Announces Five Additional Agencies, Appoints Hatten as Chief Operating Officer

By Jennifer Overhulse, St. Nick Media Services ·

Benefits of BPO for P&C Insurers

By Carol McKenzie, Solartis ·

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