Reading the news and writing the news are two very different things. For the past 5 years, Coverager has been living and breathing insurance innovation, covering the success stories, the partnerships, the pivots, and the failures. As we moved along, we’ve built and maintained the most comprehensive and detailed insurance database, tracking companies, investments, partnerships, technology use-cases, and more. But in a digital world of diminishing boundaries ruled by user-centric platforms, we realized that looking just at insurance wasn’t enough. So we coined the term insurance under the influence and mapped out the internal and external influences impacting insurance. For instance, money management apps are positioned to become the brokers of the future, using highly relevant and timely data. Automakers are launching vehicle subscription programs where insurance is embedded and leveraging connected car technologies to become data players. The rise of no-fee banking services is pushing both challenger and traditional banks to offer new products that include insurance.

The Coverager Research Annual Subscription can be customized to include the following:

  • Custom quarterly analysis of competitive intel tailored to the client
  • Monthly analysis of investments, growth, partnerships and marketing
  • Monthly strategic reports + access to all of Coverager research via a web app
  • Access to unlimited users within a company
  • Ability to download, and print files

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