Trygg-Hansa launches insurance for used cars

Swedish insurer Trygg-Hansa and car-buying marketplace Blocket have partnered to introduce two auto insurance policies:

  1. a free “drive-away insurance” that applies directly at the time of purchase and seven days ahead;
  2. and insurance – developed in collaboration with AutoConcept Insurance – that protects against a vehicle’s central mechanical and electrical components six months after the sale.

Founded in 1996, Blocket is an online marketplace that operates a classified advertising website for private car and miscellaneous item sales. In 2020, searches for cars broke records on Blocket. Every week, 10.7 million are on the vehicle-related sides of Blocket, and on average one car is sold per minute.

“The collaboration with Blocket enables us to reach out to sellers and buyers in the private secondary market for cars to a much greater extent than before. In cooperation with Autoconcept, we can also offer a new used insurance that creates security for both sellers and buyers after the transaction.” – AnnaCarin Heller, Partner Manager at Trygg-Hansa.

“When selling or buying a car, there are many things to consider. A car purchase is a big deal that can be challenging. Through our collaboration with Trygg-Hansa, we want to make it even smoother and safer to shop on Blocket and together we lower the threshold for used ones.” – Henrik Littorin, Marketplace Director for Vehicles at Blocket.