State Farm to join a virtual neighborhood

State Farm is celebrating its 100th anniversary by stepping into the Metaverse in collaboration with iHeartMedia.

“iHeartLand is designed to break down the walls between artists, creators, brands and fans in new ways that are only possible in the Metaverse. As the leading brand for music discovery and popular culture, and the No. 1 podcast network globally, we’re excited to build an entirely new world for our biggest creators and the biggest names in music to quite literally play with their fans. The interactive experiences players will get in iHeartLand and in this new first of its kind venue are going to be incredibly dynamic and creative. We couldn’t be more pleased to collaborate with State Farm given their history of innovation in marketing and desire to continue creating memorable experiences for consumers – and given our companies’ shared fundamental focus on community and neighbors, there was truly no other brand we’d choose to embark on this project with.” – Conal Byrne, CEO of the iHeartMedia Digital Audio Group.

“As the quintessential good neighbor, it only makes sense for State Farm to join the virtual neighborhood that is the metaverse. We‘re excited to work with iHeartMedia to meet consumers where they are in a way only our two brands can. Together, we aim to create a space where fans can come together to compete and collaborate to unlock once-in-a-lifetime experiences in a virtually limitless world of entertainment in iHeartLand.” – Rand Harbert, State Farm Chief Agency, Sales & Marketing Officer.

iHeartLand will be the premier destination in the metaverse for fans to interact with artists and creators while learning how to build their own music empire through competition, collaboration and connection with the biggest names in music, podcasting and entertainment. To celebrate its launch, the new arena will kick off a steady drumbeat of events where fans can expect performances, new music drops, interactive podcasts, exclusive collectible merch and special access to VIP experiences curated exclusively for metaverse players. Additional details about iHeartLand and the performance and event lineup will be announced closer to launch.