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State Farm’s answer to $7 billion in auto losses

The largest auto and home insurance provider State Farm has some pretty disturbing news. The company plans to shut 11 facilities, and displace some 4,200 workers by the year 2021. It will…

Insurance, while pumping gas

State Farm is running video ads on digital screens built into the pumps at 18,000 national gas stations as part of a partnership between Gas Station TV and payment company Verifone….

Insurers embracing the connected home concept

Earlier this week, RSA announced a partnership with HomeServe around its smart leak detector. Recall insurers embracing IoT players .

State Farm expands ridesharing coverage to South Carolina

State Farm will start offering ridesharing coverage to on-demand drivers in SC come March. Recall insurers offering ridesharing coverage below. Speaking of ridesharing, thinking of Uber…the one under fire announced that its upcoming…

The case against social media automation

So this happened. State Farm posted a tweet to remind peeps to protect their bling: It was followed by nonsense responses from internet trolls screaming ‘Oy, gevalt!’ on how dare State…

Geico Leads in Ridesharing Coverage

State Farm, Allstate, Geico blame smart cars for insurance rate increases

“Cars are just getting more expensive to repair, due to the technology” – Missy Dundov, a State Farm spokeswoman. “Now we’re not just replacing a bumper for a fender-bender, we’re replacing…

The case of alpha business models and beta technology

Allstate is on a mission to vertically develop its telematics expertise and find new sources of revenue across different sectors bylaunching a new standalone unit called Arity (dedicated to data collection…

State Farm hits the refresh button

The 94-year-old insurer introduced a new tagline: “Here to Help Life Go Right”. If you say it long enough, it will stick. Bottom Line: insurers are scrambling to improve their messaging….

The state of wakefulness

State Farm has received a new patent designed to keep sleepy, distracted, or drunk drivers awake through a series of vibrations and pokes from wearable devices. Bottom Line: envision a system that would…

Coffee with Geico

Geico is enticing its millennial workforce into retirement workshops with at-cost coffee. Think: O2O (online to offline). State Farm should be flattered. Its Next Door initiative was opened back in 2011; similar concept, bigger venue.

State Farm boosts its Connected Care program

State Farm is partnering with Lively to provide the elderly a medical alert device that will track their activity through sensors placed throughout their home. Customers are eligible to receive the Lively system through…