State Farm resumes use of aftermarket parts

State Farm , in a recent memo, has announced it will resume the use of “non-OEM crash parts” (aftermarket parts) for vehicle repairs starting from Oct. 16, ending a suspension that had been in place since 1999.

These parts are outer components like headlamps and fenders made by companies other than the vehicle’s manufacturer. However, State Farm ensures these parts will be certified by either the Certified Automotive Parts Association (CAPA) or NSF International.

While parts with the OEM or vehicle name/logo on them cannot be replaced with aftermarket parts, any issues with these parts will be addressed by State Farm.

Repair centers under State Farm’s Select Service Agreement need to ensure the quality of these parts and inform customers clearly that these are non-OEM parts. This move follows a December decision to reintroduce some non-OEM parts due to supply chain issues.

State Farm previously faced legal action over the use of non-OEM parts, settling a lawsuit for $250 million in 2018.