The Rise in Pet Insurance

Pet insurance company Reaal Dier & Zorg has witnessed an explosive growth in pet insurance in the Netherlands. The number of puppies with health insurance in particular is rising sharply. In the first six months of 2019, Reaal Dier & Zorg saw a 55% increase in the number of insurance policies taken out compared to last year. Most of them (80%) are for dogs younger than 12 months. These figures confirm a trend that Reaal Dier & Zorg has seen for a number of years; More and more owners of a new dog are choosing the security of a pet insurance policy.

A social trend
“We suspect that the increase in pet insurance is due to a social trend, in which dogs and cats are increasingly seen as a fully-fledged member of the family. We also see an expansion of medical possibilities for sick pets, which are associated with increasing healthcare costs, for example: MRI scans, oncological treatments, orthopedics A veterinary bill of €900 to €1,000 is really no longer an exception to their beloved dog or cat. We estimate that in the first half of 2019 about 20% of dogs (younger than 12 months) in the Netherlands have taken out pet insurance .” – Cynthia Jensma, manager of Reaal Dier & Zorg.


Cat insurance lags behind
Owners are less convinced of the importance of good pet insurance than dog owners. Of all the policies that were concluded at Reaal Dier & Zorg this past six months, ‘only’ 20% is for cats. “We don’t know the exact cause of this difference. Cat owners may make a different financial assessment. Or is it (incorrectly) argued that a so-called “indoor cat” has less chance of a visit to the vet.” – Jensma.


Additional coverage not popular
Pet insurance can be expanded with additional coverage to cover the costs of cremation, alternative medicine, dental treatment and / or medical costs abroad. However, Reaal notes that additional coverage for pets is growing less explosively than the standard health insurance policy.


About Reaal Dier & Zorg
Reaal Dier & Zorg has been active in the pet insurance market since 1998. With a market share of 45%, Reaal Dier & Zorg is the largest pet insurance company in the Netherlands. Reaal Dier & Zorg is part of Reaal.