Reaal Partners With to Introduce a Chatbot

the Netherlands-based life and non-life insurer Reaal – owned by VIVAT which is owned by Anbang – has partnered with to integrate a chatbot service with its existing live chat functionality.



“From Reaal we were looking for an advanced chatbot that can answer simple questions from our customers, so that employees of the contact center have more time to help customers, with the more complicated questions, even better. The Embot solution stood out because of the intelligent language technology, which means that correct answers can be generated automatically in different spelling modes, and that Embot excels through the self-learning ability of the technology, making the chatbot increasingly smarter as the number of interactions increases. We see many applications for the near future here, for example a link with voice assistants. But chatbot technology is of course also very interesting for the other labels of VIVAT” – Director of Customer Services at Vivat, Constant Moolenaar. is an Amsterdam-based startup, established last year, to offer chatbots that can recognize questions and answers, regardless of how the questions are phrased.


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