“Am I Vital?”

Reaal AOV, together with the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) and the Erasmus University Medical Center Rotterdam (Erasmus MC), has developed a quick scan specifically for entrepreneurs.

The tool factors in research on factors that cause entrepreneurs to drop out of work to help entrepreneurs gain insight into their own sustainable employability.

Prevention is an important part of disability insurance
“We provide intensive support to entrepreneurs in maintaining their health. We do this in many ways, among other things by helping to find a good balance between work and private life. This is covered by our standard disability insurance. We therefore not only assist with disability, but also in the preventive sphere. With our prevention program Reaal Bodyguard we help entrepreneurs to prevent disability and to undertake more successfully. For this we work together with various independent specialists. For example with partners in the field of coaching or health, but also with knowledge institutions in the field of sustainable employability such as the UMCG and the Erasmus MC.” – Pim Hafkenscheid, AOV director at Reaal.

Quick scan provides insight into sustainable employability
“We think it is very important that entrepreneurs stay healthy and can continue to do business with pleasure. In addition, we prefer to put customers at the helm ourselves. With the quick scan we help them to gain insight into their sustainable employability. Factors that influence this include enthusiasm, entrepreneurial skills, lifestyle, health, expectations regarding the future and work-life balance. Entrepreneurs receive an indication of what is going well and what they can still improve. So that they can get started with this and take control of their own sustainable employability.” – Hafkenscheid.

Personal support
Customers with disability insurance with Reaal can then discuss the results of the quick scan with an expert from Reaal Bodyguard and receive personal support in the field of vitality and sustainable employability.