Socotra, Mendix, and First Technology announce market-leading, low-code joint solution

First Technology announced today that it has become an official Mendix Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Partner for its flexible end-to-end solution, Humble Bee. The suite of solutions can be tailored to the specific situation of the insurer and leverages Socotra’s powerful data model to streamline processes from product configuration to claims management. What really makes the solution stand out is the easy API-driven integration and powerful dynamic case management capability for collaboration.

Using advanced analytics to improve operational decisions is top of mind in any board room. The impact of Covid-19 and the accelerated need to digitize boost this development. The new group is ideally prepared to help leading clients with identifying and implementing real changes through the combination of business consulting, technology and data.

The partnership signifies an important impact to the insurance industry, as the added capabilities from Mendix and Socotra allow insurers to create a better digital experience for customers and increase collaboration—not only within the insurer but also between experts, brokers, and others.

Marc Boumans, Partner at First Consulting and First Technology, said, “When engaging with insurers and brokers we noticed many are challenged with taking steps digitalizing their business model. Together with Mendix and Socotra we can now provide them with a suite that allows them to kickstart their initiatives. This innovative suite of solutions consists of a uniform core insurance platform with an agile Mendix based solution called ‘HumbleBee’ providing a framework and packages providing all functionality for customer centric policy, product, claims, and assisted sales management. The ISV program of Mendix allows us to get our solution to insurers worldwide helping them to better serve their customers.”  

Rohit Tangri, Global Vice President, Industry and Partner Solutions & CSO at Mendix, said, “The Mendix ISV Partner Program will enable First Technology to provide their solutions and services to a broader public helping insurers around the world, on the Mendix low-code platform. We are excited to have First Technology as a new addition to our growing ISV Program as this partnership will enable First Technology to offer a customer-proven solution for insurers that want to digitize.”

Ekine Akuiyibo, VP of Business Development & Deployments at Socotra, said, “We are proud to partner with Mendix and First Technology as the core insurance platform powering Humble Bee. Insurers can now take advantage of an agile suite of solutions that includes Socotra’s intuitive API integrations and robust functionality for the entire policy lifecycle. Through this innovative partnership, we are positioned to help insurers rapidly modernize, drive greater efficiency, and better serve their customers.” 

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