Net Insurance: Establishment of the Innovation Advisory Board

The Net Insurance Innovation Advisory Board just kicked off. This committee was designed to strengthen the Insurtech Inside philosophy, which as at the very basis of the company equity story since the creation of Archimede SPAC. These features led to key international awards, such as the inclusion in the prestigious 2018 Insurtech Almanac drafted by FT Partners.

The new body is closely linked to the Board’s by providing the Company and management with a strategic support in the field of innovation, by delivering specific advice and ideas/approaches, which can be concretely implemented in the operation of the company.

The Innovation Advisory Board members are: Matteo Carbone, founder of IoT Insurance Observatory and worldwide InsurTech expert; Paola Fersini, lecturer in Statistical and Actuarial science; Massimo Michaud, CEO of Kinetica and Insurtech and Corporate Governance expert; Paolo Sironi, Fintech Thought Leader for IBM Financial Services and a member of the IBM Industry Academy.

In the first meeting held on April 10, the Innovation Advisory Board focused on three main themes: Net Insurance “Insurtech Inside” strategy, the Mobile Approach and Instant Insurance. The next meetings are scheduled throughout the forthcoming months of September and December.

“The technology and innovation value is at the heart of our initiative,” stated Andrea Battista, CEO of the Company. “I would like to thank all the Innovation Advisory Board members for having joined our project, from which we expect attractive returns” continued Mr Battista.

“The insurtech solutions provide extraordinary opportunities for companies to improve customer interaction, productivity, profitability and retention. The diverse experiences of committee members therefore are an important added value for Net Insurance, “concluded Matteo Carbone, Chairman of the Innovation Advisory Board.

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