Insured Nomads announces Partnership with health line of Allianz Partners to Expand Insurance Offerings for Modern Companies & Remote Workers Globally

Insured Nomads, a startup providing health and travel protection for both individuals (remote workers and expats) and employee benefit plans (multinational organizations and distributed teams) has announced a partnership with the health line of Allianz Partners.

The collaboration with Allianz Partners, through the MGA/MGU model, has enabled Insured Nomads to create new plans that provide health insurance for companies that have employees spread around the globe, give their team members the freedom to live and work anywhere from a customized group offering or serving the individual team member. 

“We are thrilled to gain the support of Allianz Partners whose willingness to extend significant underwriting capacity and provide guidance in this new product line has been an tremendous boost to our growth plans in serving the company that has employees distributed around the globe with a robust schedule of benefits paired with our technology. The additional capacity alongside our membership that has an unsurpassed benefit solution for the modern company and global citizen.” Andrew Jernigan, CEO of Insured Nomads

Commenting on the partnership, Xavier Mauriac, Director of Partnerships & Affinity, Health at Allianz Partners said:
We’re delighted to be working with Insured Nomads, targeting new demographics and markets together.  Together with Andrew and the team, we’ve developed an exciting range of products. These products, along with Insured Nomads mental health, assistance packages and technology, have created compelling unique offering for individual and corporate clients.”

“The collaboration between Insured Nomads and Allianz Partners is a game-changer in the health insurance landscape. It combines our innovative technology, “INC” with the global strength and experience of Allianz Partners. In an industry ripe for change, we believe that by working together, we can influence and drive the necessary transformations. The future of health insurance with Insured Nomads and Allianz Partners is incredibly exciting” ~ Mo Buglow, Director, EMEA & APAC, Insured Nomads

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