Dear Swiss Re: You Have a Communication Problem

Swiss Re-owned Generation Life Insurance Company has changed its brand to Lumico .






Okay, but….This is Lumico, according to Lumico:

“At Lumico we are committed to providing you with all that you expect from life insurance – high quality product, a reasonable price, security – plus a simple approach so you can feel confident that you have selected the best protection for your family.

– Offer the most common life insurance products

– Give clear product pricing; no policy fees

– Provide a convenient application process

– Are owned by iptiQ, a subsidiary of a large, global financial services organization.”


I interpret-slash-fill-in-the-blanks:

– By “most common life insurance products” they mean term life and funeral insurance

– By “Provide a convenient application process” they may refer to Quilt’s online application process OR is this a forward looking statement?

– By “a large, global financial services organization” they mean Swiss Re


Oh, and it has a typo.


Bottom Line: it’s not about the typo, it’s all about transparency. And yes, Swiss Re just got a bit more closer to the customer.


PS. Quilt is a digital broker selling life and renters insurance online. Its life insurance products are underwritten by Lumico. Look: