Connected car data company announces new business cases

Connected car data company Wejo and diagnostics and automotive data provider Hella Gutmann Solutions , which is part of Hella (a minority investor in Wejo), are now sharing new business applications for connected vehicle data across the vehicle lifecycle and more specifically, diagnostic and roadside assistance

“The Hella-Wejo partnership is enabling amazing outcomes for drivers like you and me – where a malfunction in your car can be communicated and you can take preventive action instead of being stranded – or when a problem has occurred, the mechanic already has all of the information they need to identify, diagnose, and repair the issue swiftly and accurately to minimize the time your car is off the road or prevent additional expenditures. This is just the beginning. From e-mobility to the broader digitalization of the vehicle and ever more intelligent sensors, Hella and Wejo together will deliver insights to passengers, manufacturers, mechanics, OEMs business fleets that demonstrate the power and potential of how connected vehicle data can be used.” – Richard Barlow, Founder and CEO at Wejo.

“Wejo’s connected vehicle data expertise is an outstanding complement to Hella Gutmann’s product portfolio and has enabled us to develop new digital data driven products and services for the connected vehicle data supply chain to benefit OEMs. We are glad to continue to build on the early success of this innovative partnership as we seek to push the boundaries of the connected vehicle sector.” – Rolf Kunold, CEO at Hella Gutmann.

Bottom Line: “There’s no denying that cars are becoming more linked, that automakers are becoming service providers, and that personal lines car insurers are faced with determining which data is useful to them, how they obtain it, and at what cost.”