China’s Ping An Launches $1 Billion Fintech & Healthcare Fund

China’s Ping An announced the launch of a $1 billion fund, called Ping An Global Voyager Fund, dedicated to fintech and healthtech. The fund will be led by former Citi Global Head of Retail Banking Jonathan Larsen. Not surprising that the ‘innovative financial services group’ picked an outsider for the task. Turns out, nearly half of Ping An’s senior management team are from outside mainland China, including people from companies such as, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Prudential, and McKinsey & Company. In the name of ‘diversity’.


Speedy refresher on Ping An below :


1. Ping An is China’s first integrated financial services group with insurance at its core.


2. Ping An primarily focuses on healthtech and fintech…but…


3. It also operates two additional ecosystems: real estate and auto.

Worth Noting: Ping An Auto Owner, which is an ‘internet plus car lifestyle service’ that provides some ~17 million users intel on most things auto-related.


Download the slides here.