CarAdvise and Stride partner to drive more value in the gig-economy and beyond

Chicago-based car care company CarAdvise has announced its partnership with the San Francisco-based benefits platform Stride Health to provide reduced rates at over 20,000 auto maintenance and repair shops to Stride’s community of over 1,000,000 independent and part-time workers.

Both CarAdvise and Stride have very strong partner alliances within the gig economy and independent contractor spaces, so the collaboration is a direct extension to provide additional value to customers by offering access to programs that will enhance the customer experience while saving them money. Many rideshare drivers utilize both platforms as a mechanism for capitalizing on their earnings. A rideshare driver’s greatest asset is their vehicle so quality maintenance and repair are pertinent for their bottom line and proper health care coverage is essential to ensure they are well enough to go on the road.

“Partnering with Stride is an incredible opportunity to further provide value to an audience that greatly benefits from the added protection of trusted automotive repair services. Our mutual customers will find synergies from our organizations due to our extensive involvement in the rideshare, on-demand and gig-economy spaces.” – founder and CEO of CarAdvise, Greg Tepas.

CarAdvise joins the growing number of services featured within the Stride Benefits Platform that provide independent workers and part-time employees with access to simple, affordable health, dental, vision and life insurance, free tax guidance and tools, banking and savings accounts, and now savings on vehicle maintenance and repair.

“Our mission is to help everyone who works for themselves save time and money on their biggest and most stressful expenses, like insurance and taxes, giving them the economic security they need to thrive as a business of one. By partnering with CarAdvise, we’re adding even more value to the robust suite of health and wealth benefits we and our employer partners are bringing to independent workers and part-time W2 employees.” – Noah Lang, CEO and co-founder of Stride.

Together, Stride and CarAdvise will continue to represent and provide value for individuals working in the rideshare, gig economy and as part-time workers, by providing comprehensive value in and out of their vehicles.