Stride launches independent worker contributions program

Allstate-backed Stride Health announced the launch of its Stride Contributions program alongside the program’s first client DoorDash.

The “first-of-its-kind” program enables companies with independent workers to make contributions into an individual’s portable benefits savings account, which the worker can then apply to health or other insurance coverage as well as financial benefits like emergency savings, time-off, sick leave, or long-term savings.

“DoorDash’s new pilot program for Pennsylvania Dashers is a positive step forward, as it can give Pennsylvania workers greater access to benefits. My Administration looks forward to seeing the results of this program, and we will continue working to protect and expand the rights of all workers in Pennsylvania.” – Governor Josh Shapiro of Pennsylvania.

“Along with our long-term partner DoorDash and Pennsylvania Governor Shapiro, we’ve delivered a breakthrough moment for independent workers. We’re in an era where over 64 million Americans work independently. It’s time for our benefits system to catch up to the way Americans work today, so we created a solution that makes accessing and paying for individual benefits easy, serving the needs of workers while enabling the companies to more easily help them.” – Noah Lang, CEO and co-founder of Stride.

“We believe that everyone deserves access, choice, and security when it comes to how they want to work. We’re proud that dashing has helped millions of people achieve greater financial security, but we know that outdated rules have meant there are trade-offs for those who dash more consistently and may be missing out on important benefits. Instead of settling for the way it has always been done, we can continue to try new things and expand the safety net in ways that provide both flexibility and security.” – Tony Xu, DoorDash CEO and co-founder.