Stride partners with Roadie

Stride Health, a provider of insurance products and financial tools for independent workers, has partnered with UPS subsidiary Roadie to offer its products and services to delivery drivers.

Through the partnership, drivers who use the Roadie platform will have access to Stride’s portable benefits platform, which features health, life, dental and vision insurance. Drivers will also gain access to tax and financial planning tools.

Founded in 2013, Stride raised ~$96 million in funding and one notable backer is Allstate. Roadie, which was founded in 2014, has more than 200k drivers on its platform.

“At Stride, we have been serving the delivery industry for years and deeply understand their unique needs around taxes and insurance. We are excited to serve Roadie drivers. Roadie and Stride’s partnership represents our commitment to ensuring that every independent worker has access to the essential benefits they need to thrive in today’s economy. By joining forces, we’re not only empowering drivers using Roadie with affordable healthcare coverage and valuable tax and financial tools but also fostering a stronger and more resilient independent workforce.” – Noah Lang, Co-Founder and CEO of Stride.

“We know Roadie drivers value their independence and care a lot about flexibility. They’re their own bosses and they want to feel like it. Historically, that independence has come at a cost: the benefits that usually come with a nine-to-five. This partnership helps to bridge that gap. Through Stride’s comprehensive benefits platform, drivers can now access essential coverage and sophisticated tools tailored to their unique needs as gig economy workers.” – Marc Gorlin, Founder and CEO of Roadie.