Becoming the Preferred Provider: What Insurance Producers Want from Insurers

While a variety of distribution channels are available to carriers today, insurance agents remain trusted advisors and still account for a significant portion of P&C insurance sales. To become the preferred provider for agents in the current market, it is important for carriers to understand the challenges agents are facing today and the tools they need to enhance their productivity and meet their policyholders’ changing needs.

We commissioned a survey of senior-level employees from agents/brokers in the U.S. and UK, all of whom worked with midsize to large insurance carriers with up to $5B in Direct Written Premium. Our goal was to identify strategies on how insurers can become the preferred provider for agents, and how to best address common challenges faced by agents in today’s market.

The research findings highlight several key factors that influence agent decisions when partnering or continuing with a particular carrier.

Significant key findings from the survey results include:

  • What agents consider more important for carrier-agent relationships than commission rates
  • What medium-large agents consider to be more important than smaller agents when selecting a carrier
  • What agents believe is the #1 way for carriers to help increase an agent’s book of business
  • Offering agents this one thing can make you a preferred carrier

Discover how to become an agent’s preferred provider and access the complete survey results and analysis today.

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