Zurich partners with car subscription provider Cluno

As of January 1, 2021, car subscriptions offered through Germany-based Cluno are insured by Zurich Group Germany . Zurich shares the insurance coverage with an existing Cluno insurance partner and both companies cover 50 percent of the Cluno fleet with liability and fully comprehensive insurance.

The monthly “flat rate” for Cluno customers includes vehicle insurance in addition to the costs for maintenance and wear, tires, tax, GEZ, registration and general inspection. Customers can choose between a six, twelve or 18 month term, and are able to report vehicle damage through the Cluno app.

“The cooperation with Cluno is a further step in strategically expanding our mobility ecosystems. Through the partnership with Cluno, we dock directly to the individual living environments of our customers. Digital subscription models like the one from Cluno are an intelligent solution to the increasing demand for flexible usage and payment options in the automotive sector. For certain user groups they can be a good alternative to buying or leasing.” – Sebastian Wolf, Head of Partnerships & Affinity Business at Zurich Group Germany.

“We are recording double-digit customer growth rates every month and are assuming that the positive trend of the last few months will continue to grow. For Cluno’s future success, it is important that our partners can keep up with Cluno’s rapid growth. Zurich is not only one of the largest motor vehicle insurers in Germany, but also has experience with innovative mobility concepts such as those offered by Cluno.” – Dr. Veronika von Heise-Rotenburg, Cluno’s Chief Financial Officer.