YuLife partners with Buck

YuLife, “the company pioneering a new type of life insurance by encouraging policyholders to live their best lives,” has partnered with Buck, an integrated HR and benefits consulting, administration, and technology services provider. As part of the partnership, Buck will offer access to YuLife’s group life insurance product, alongside their current provider portfolio, to its clients.

Founded in 2016, YuLife claims to be the first life insurance provider which incorporates incentive-based employee benefits into group coverage. YuLife’s app offers users “yucoin” for completing wellness activities, from exercise to mindfulness, which can then be converted into vouchers or discounts for a range of popular products and services. The startup has raised £13 million and counts approximately 60 employees.

“We are thrilled to partner with Buck, a highly regarded and industry leading employee benefits consultancy with a reputation for excellence. For too many years, the life insurance industry has been overly focused on death, rather than life. Our partnership with Buck shows that more and more broker firms share our emphasis on regular interaction with policy holders and providing them with tangible value every single day.” – Barry Waring, Head of Broker Distribution at YuLife and GRiD Raising the Profile Chairman.

“Partnering with YuLife is an opportunity to work alongside a new, dynamic and innovative player in the insurance market. Wellbeing has always been important to our clients and their employees, even more so in this unprecedented time. YuLife strives to provide group life insurance using advanced technology, encompassing comprehensive wellbeing services and a user-friendly platform. We at Buck want to help our clients and their employees be the best they can and partnering with YuLife will enhance the services we offer to many businesses across the UK.” – Anne-Marie Ayre, Head of Health and Productivity at Buck.