YuLife is looking to enter the US

Last year, UK-based YuLife announced a $70 million Series B round alongside its intention to broaden its reach into new global markets. Based on several job ads, it appears that the US is going to be the next destination for the company.

YuLife, which offers group life insurance combined with wellness features, is looking to fill multiple roles with a focus on the US market. The company is looking for a US business development director who will focus on organizations with 50-5,000+ employees, as well as a US director of partnerships who will work with carrier partners and brokers to deliver “YuLife’s unique value to customers.” The company has also recently hired several employees who are based in the US.

Late last year, YuLife announced an underwriting partnership with MetLife UK for its group life insurance. In 2018, when the company launched, it announced a partnership with AIG Life.

YuLife also offers income protection and critical illness products for employees.