Welcome to Hiscox CyberClear Academy

Hiscox created the following domain – hiscoxcyberclearacademy.com – on November 23, 2017.


On the surface, it appears that Hiscox is busy working on a site dedicated to cyber-security awareness . Also, the site-slash-training platform is maintained by Unicorn Training, while the content is provided under license by Axelos.



The idea is to allow policyholders (and Hiscox members) to record and track their professional development activities with respect to ‘cyber learning’. Refresher: Hiscox currently sells cyber-specific products via brokers and carriers through its European, US, London Market and reinsurance operations, as well as direct-to-consumers through its UK retail business.


The site is created somewhat in parallel to Hiscox’s latest announcement that it’s sharpening its focus on cyber by creating “a virtual business unit (vBU)” that will provide dedicated cyber resource and will be responsible for ensuring a consistent Group-wide approach to product development, service offering, branding and marketing, underwriting appetite, pricing, rating approach and aggregation / reinsurance protections. “Cyber risk is a massive global challenge, and exactly where insurers can prove their worth . We have a strong brand, responsive products, the right customer base and good people in key geographies already. In bringing them together we hope to realize our ambitions in this critical area” – Hiscox Group CUO Richard Watson.


PS. Speaking of cyber, thinking of cyber defense…here’s a ‘new one’ for you: Brand: Deepalyze. Established: 2017. Status: Emerging.