VSK chosen as KiaMobility car subscription service insurer

KIA, a manufacturer of motor vehicles, announced the launch of its KiaMobility subscription service, which can be purchased by individuals for personal use. For this project, VSK is the selected insurer for KiaMobility subscription vehicles, offering short-term and long-term insurance to a partner.

The user can subscribe for any period from one day to a year. The service operates in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Almetyevsk, Bryansk, Obninsk, Nizhnekamsk, Krasnoyarsk. However, you can travel by car throughout Russia and abroad, subject to agreement with the service operator. Drivers over 25 years old with at least three years of experience will be able to use the program.

In addition to car maintenance, roadside assistance, rubber kits and storage, the subscription price includes an already issued insurance service: MTPL and Casco from VSK Insurance House.

The partnership between VSK Insurance House and KIA ensures the development of high-quality customer service that allows the user to subscribe to the car he likes through the application and receive the necessary services, including insurance.