Vodafone Spain partners with Assurant

Vodafone Spain has launched a new smartphone and tablet protection service in partnership with Assurant General Insurance.

The service, Vodafone Care, offers two types of coverage: Accidental damage, which covers breakages, falls and water/liquid damage for € 4 per month for devices with a cost less than €400 and for €9 per month for devices that cost more than € 400, and Total Protection, which covers theft, breakages, falls and water/liquid damage for a total monthly price of € 7 for devices costing less than € 400 and € 14 for devices costing more than € 400.

All of the policies guarantee a repair and return or replacement device between 24 and 72 hours after the claim has been approved, and allow policyholders to file up to 3 claims per year. A dedicated online portal is available to process claims, and customers can take out coverage for devices they’ve had up to a year.

“Approximately one third of our customers suffer some damage to their devices in the first twelve months, we have a huge opportunity to offer them a better experience. This new insurance facilitates the management from the hiring to the report of an accident, offering a much more agile solution, simply accessing the portal through the mobile at any time of the day or night. We have designed an immediate and intuitive product that conforms to the new fully self-manageable digital business formats that our customers demand so much.” – Blanca Echániz, Director of Products and Services of Vodafone Spain.