Vantis Life Upgrades Quote-&-Submit Agent Portal

“Vantis Life says it’s time for the trend of declining life insurance ownership among mass-market customers to end. That’s why the life insurance provider for mid-market and emerging affluent consumers has introduced Velocity, an upgraded online life insurance platform that makes getting coverage faster and more efficient. Velocity will shake up the industry by offering a new experience with the ability to issue policies up to $1 million through a greatly accelerated underwriting engine.”

“Vantis Life is revolutionizing the process that agents use to offer life insurance to customers who need this product most. The resulting product suite, powered by accelerated underwriting, enables distributors to offer high-quality products to more people in the mass market, more easily than ever. Each agent will have the option to take the application themselves, with an underwriting decision available in minutes; refer the customer to Vantis Life’s professional contact center, or refer the application directly to the customer via email. These choices are key benefits to the Velocity experience.” – Chairman and CEO at Vantis Life, Ray Caucci.

Technology Meets Charity+
All Vantis Velocity products come with accelerated benefit riders for no additional premium. A unique Charitable Giving rider, also included with no added premium, provides an additional death benefit of 1% (up to $100,000) to a qualified charitable organization of the policy owner’s choosing, and is paid by Vantis Life.

In addition to term and whole life, Vantis Life’s final expense product, Guaranteed Golden®, and single premium wealth transfer product, EstateWise Platinum®, will also be available on the same digital platform.

Bottom Line: Ladder comes to mind.