Trupo Launches in New York

After we covered that Trupo is no longer active in Georgia, the company announced the launch of three new insurance products for freelancers in New York. Starting today, freelancers can sign up for “tailored benefits packages in a matter of minutes” that include Accident Insurance, Dental Insurance, and Specified Disease and Cancer Insurance thanks to a “deep integration” with Colonial Life.

Founded in 2017, the Sequoia Capital-backed company led by the founder of Freelancers Union originally announced a partnership with RGAX in July of 2018. Trupo later launched in Georgia to offer freelancers short-term disability insurance, but has since stopped operating in the state. The company has partnerships with the Freelancers Union, which has an equity stake in the company, along with, Authors Guild, and Graphic Artists Guild.

“Just as enables workers to join together to build a better workplace, Trupo is bringing freelancers together to gain access to better benefits. We’re excited to partner with Trupo to continue building the civic infrastructure today’s workforce needs.” – Michelle Miller, cofounder and co-director of

“Freelancers must wear many hats in managing their work and supporting their livelihoods – from marketing to HR and financial management. All these responsibilities take away from the time they have to do the work they are paid for. Trupo is taking one significant piece off of freelancers’ plates, so they can spend more time doing what they love, and less time stressing over whether they’ll be covered if the worst happens.” – Caitlin Pearce, Executive Director of Freelancers Union.

“Working closely with Trupo, we can provide the right insurance products to freelancers and ensure they’re protected when they need it most. With a leadership team with decades of experience advocating for freelance workers, Trupo is the right partner for Colonial Life and will help enable us to continue to provide the best products and customer experiences to all our policyholders.” – Tim Arnold, president and CEO of Colonial Life.