TrueMotion partners with LB Forsikring to promote safe driving in Denmark

Smartphone telematics platform TrueMotion announced a new partnership with LB Forsikring, one of Denmark’s largest motor insurers. As part of the partnership, LB will leverage driving insights from TrueMotion’s patented platform to power Bilist+, its smartphone telematics program. Bilist+ members can save up to 1500kr on their deductible and learn about their driving behaviors.

“With the Bilist+ program we will help members better understand their habits behind the wheel, thereby making both their driving and the roads safer. We’re excited to work with TrueMotion to make Danish roads safer and reduce distracted driving.” – LB Forsikring Director of Strategy and Innovation, Mikkel Frost Kopenhagen.

Bilist+ evaluates an LB member’s driving behavior, including distracted driving, hard braking, mileage, and time of day. Drivers can monitor their trips, driving styles, and levels of distraction in the Bilist+ app. Safe drivers accumulate monthly discounts on their deductibles and can save up to 1500kr.

“We’re proud to partner with LB in our joint mission to make roads safer and are excited to see the results. Too many people are killed every year by distracted driving and we’re eager to take on the challenge of distraction in Denmark with LB.” – TrueMotion CEO Ted Gramer.

According to the Danish Road Safety Council, 30% of Danish drivers are distracted on the road. Two in three fatal crashes in 2019 were caused by distracted driving. LB’s Bilist+ program launches one year after Denmark strengthened its hands-free law.