Tinkoff’s Ecosystem

Tinkoff Bank, Russia’s digital-only provider of banking and insurance products has acquired a stake in Kassir.ru. Founded in 1999, Kassir.ru is Russia’s biggest ticket sales company – in 2017, its daily offering exceeded 3,500 events, attracting a total of 70 million visitors  and selling more than 4.3 million tickets. Following the acquisition, Kassir.ru will be integrated into Tinkoff’s ecosystem, making tickets accessible to Tinkoff customers while offering new solutions through synergies with other Tinkoff services.


“We are focusing on building out Tinkoff’s ecosystem as we seek to provide our customers with a range of daily services beyond financial and insurance products. The integration of Russia’s top ticket sales company into the Tinkoff.ru platform will fulfill another daily customer need, this time in entertainment. This, in turn, strengthens our position in lifestyle services beyond banking. By leveraging synergies with Tinkoff Bank and other Group companies, we will be able to attract new users to our ecosystem. We will also share best practice in business process optimisation and IT to help Kassir.ru further boost its business.” – CEO of Tinkoff Bank, Oliver Hughes.


The Tinkoff ecosystem currently includes business lines such as Tinkoff Business (SME services), Tinkoff Investments (intuitive and easy-to-use retail platform for stock market operations), Tinkoff Insurance, Tinkoff Mortgage (mortgage broker and underwriter for partner banks), Tinkoff Mobile (mobile virtual network operator) and Tinkoff Travel (platform for flight and rail bookings, hotel deals and car rentals).