World’s 1st Voice Assistant for Financial & Lifestyle Tasks

Tinkoff Bank , the first and only fully online bank in Russia founded by Oleg Tinkov, has introduced Оleg, the first voice assistant built by a financial institution as a proprietary solution.

Available via the Tinkoff mobile app, the voice assistant is able to recognize and interpret different user commands, ask follow-up questions, solve problems and speak on a variety of topics – all this to help customers use their voices to manage key financial and lifestyle services such as: transferring money to accounts at Tinkoff Bank and Sberbank, making restaurant reservations, booking beauty salon appointments, buying movie tickets, searching for discounts on products and services, consulting on banking and stocks, managing financial products, updating personal information and requesting bank statements; to name more than a few.

Also, users can ask Oleg for advice and he will give his recommendations about money or lifestyle, based on information from the Тinkoff Journal. In the future, Oleg will become even more capable and integrated into all the elements of the Tinkoff ecosystem, including travel, mobile, investments, insurance, entertainment, business and Tinkoff Junior.

Oleg will also be able to identify a user’s voice using biometric data and carry out commands that currently require authorization within the Tinkoff app. This will enable users to carry out such tasks as transferring money while driving a car.

Bottom Line: To start, say “Hi Oleg” or “Listen Oleg” in Russian.