State Farm to offer electric sensors to more policyholders

In 2020, State Farm began partnering with Whisker Labs to offer Ting devices to eligible customers in Arizona, California and Texas. As a result, over 40,000 devices were provided to customers resulting in “numerous success stories and, in many cases, fire loss prevention.” Some of these preventive detections included sensing clear arcing signals isolated to a chandelier in a master bathroom, identifying a missing neutral connection in a sub-panel, and detecting arcing signals consistent with water interaction with an electrical system.

Ting is a sensor that monitors a home’s electrical network to detect electrical hazards that may lead to fires. If a threat is detected, the Ting Fire Operations Team coordinates a national network of independent licensed electricians to assess and mitigate the threat.

State Farm is now expanding the offering of Ting to more customers – through 2021 and 2022, the insurer will begin offering an additional 100,000 Ting devices to non-tenant homeowner policyholders in more states. The product, which typically costs $349 and includes one year of monitoring and a $1,000 credit toward remediation of electrical fire hazards, will be offered to eligible policyholders free of charge.

In 2019, State Farm Ventures invested in Whisker Labs.