Sedgwick acquires G&E Enterprises

Sedgwick, a global provider of technology-enabled risk, benefits and integrated business solutions, has announced its acquisition of G&E Enterprises.

G&E Enterprises, whose primary product, software-as-a-service offering T&M Pro, is a billing and data management system for insurance restoration contracting. The T&M Pro software will help enhance Sedgwick’s services by providing stronger commercial property support, estimate review processes and mitigation and reconstruction bill review.

The software also speeds up payments to insurance restoration contractors and gives carriers greater visibility into claims. Through the integration of this software, both carriers and contractors will now have greater transparency of restoration costs by sharing real-time and expense invoices on commercial losses.

“This acquisition is especially exciting for us, as the technology we are gaining access to will be revolutionary in processing claims. Real-time data and information will drive greater transparency throughout the entire claims process and result in more accurate claim costs. This will create a new standard in the industry, and we look forward to the benefits it will bring to our clients.” – Scott Richardson, executive vice president of operations at Sedgwick.

T&M Pro is designed to bill time and material, rate and material, cost plus and/or a combination of these methods to complete complex projects with ease. The program measures the exact usage of all components of a job in their separate and multifaceted measurements, meaning it gives a more accurate cost of a claim and provides daily, real-time representation of what is happening on the job site.

As part of the acquisition, the colleagues who comprise G&E Enterprises will join the Sedgwick team which will work to unify the service offerings under the Sedgwick name.

“T&M Pro is one of the few software solutions for accurately reviewing invoices related to large-loss and indemnity claims adjusting services. Joining forces with Sedgwick we will focus on leveraging this software in solution for clients.” – Greg Dillon, G&E Enterprises founder.

This acquisition and adaption of the software will help provide commercial property support to Sedgwick, improve upon all previous support, increase estimate review processes for Sedgwick’s loss adjusting services and mitigate bill review as the software scans for waste, abuse and fraud.