Say Hello to the LOOM API

Loom has launched its very own API service to provide eCommerce stores and other platforms with the capability to offer LOOM insurance directly via their checkout process.

Recall: Loom is a Johannesburg-based digital insurer established in 2018 by short-term insurer Compass. It offers product insurance for electronics and home appliances, to name key categories.

Speaking of APIs – Buddy’s on-demand accident insurance is also available (in beta) via API. “We recognize that there’s a universe of developers out there building ways to better find, track, and book the activities that keep us healthy and make life worth living. Opening up access to Buddy’s on-demand accident insurance via API is part of our mission to make it easier for everyone to be more fearless in their active lives.” – Buddy’s Cofounder and Head of Technology, David Vogeleer. Recall: Buddy provides coverage for individuals up to $50k in the event of an accident that leads to injury. Coverage is available for as short as a day or as long as a year, and it provides an extra layer of protection in the world of high deductible health insurance.