Buddy is Live in Arizona

Richmond, VA-based Buddy, a provider of episodic insurance designed for outdoor enthusiasts (but not professionals as evident by this fine print: “professionals are not covered for the sport in which they compete”), is live in Arizona. Get a feel for the flow below:


Recall: the company – a team of 7 according to LinkedIn – was recently selected to participate in MetLife’s digital accelerator, and has raised $685k from MetLife and Techstars.

“Now that we are on the other side of launching, our mission to protect people who lead an active, outdoor lifestyle is underway. Buddy’s episodic accident insurance is rolling out across the US through 2019, and we look forward to meeting new people, collaborating with partners, and going on a few adventures ourselves. The costs of healthcare and accidents show no sign of decreasing, and I believe that Buddy’s mission to protect active, outdoor enthusiasts can help this generation and the next to be a bit more fearless in pursuits that give our lives joy and meaning.” – Founder & CEO, Charles Merritt.