RentSpree partners with Sure

Tenant screening company RentSpree is announcing a partnership with Sure to offer renters insurance to users directly via the RentSpree platform.

With this partnership, landlords will be able to notify tenants regarding renters insurance requirements. Tenants will then be able to obtain a quote and purchase coverage directly from the platform and landlords will be able to track the status of tenant policies and view policy details.

By the look of things, Assurant is in the mix:

“Many owners and agents require renters insurance in their lease agreements due to the protection it provides to both parties. We’re thrilled to be partnering with Sure so owners can be certain that tenants are able to meet these requirements with ease.” – Michael Lucarelli, CEO of RentSpree.

“Sure and RentSpree are reshaping the renter’s experience with insurance. Embedding insurance with our APIs into existing workflows for renter screening and management enables a smooth customer experience for both renters and property owners to seamlessly secure their assets.” – Wayne Slavin, Co-founder and CEO of Sure.