Plug And Play selects 25 startups to join its insurtech batch

PnP Insurtech program announced its second cohort:

(1) Abaris: direct-to-consumer platform for longevity insurance.

(2) Atidot: predictive analytics platform for actuarial and risk management purposes.

(3) Aureus Analytics: data platform for increased customer retention.

(4) BenRevo: health insurance platform.

(5) Bold Penguin: commercial insurance marketplace/ lead-gen platform.

(6) BrokerLift: a cloud-based insurance eCommerce platform.

(7) Cybewrite: cyber underwriting platform.

(8) DataRobot: enterprise machine learning platform.

(9) Extraordinary Re: a platform to transfer risk from the insurance industry to capital markets investors.

(10) Fenris: mobile quoting platform for insurers.

(11) Instanda: a management tool for fast product launch.

(12) Jumpstart: earthquake insurance providers.

(13) Lapetus Solutions: underwriting platform for life insurers.

(14) LevelFunded Health: employee benefits provider.

(15) Limelight Health: enterprise technology for the health insurance industry.

(16) Matic Insurance: software to provide homeowners insurance during the mortgage process.

(17) Neosurance: microinsurance tech.

(18) Pillar Technologies: an end-to-end environmental monitoring solution for the construction site.

(19) Pointivo: 3D intelligence platform using.

(20) Pypestream: messaging platform.

(21) RiskBazaar: P2P risk contracts on blockchain.

(22) SituatiVe: event based insurance.

(23) Snapsheet: claims platform.

(24) Zeguro: cyber insurance platform for SMEs.

(25) Zensurance: online insurance portal targeting small business owners.


Bonus: Fast Five

(1) Average company size by employee number: 24.

Largest company by employee number: DataRobot.


(2) Average startup age: 2 years old.

Oldest company: Snapsheet.

Youngest companies: Zensurance, Atidot, BoldPenguin, Fenris Digital and Neosurance.


(3) 24% intermediaries and 76% enablers.


(4) 72% of the companies are from the US.


(5) 64% of the companies received some level of funding.

Most funded: DataRobot, which just announced $54 million in Series C.

Off on a tangent: PnP also announced their “largest cohort to date” counting 175 startups. Maybe, if you count at least 8 startups twice (count: Abaris, Applied Particle Technology, Breinify, DataRobot, Outernets, Pointivo, Pillar Technologies, ZeroLight).