ONE Loses Miri

On Feb. 1, 2018 we presented the flow of wefox-backed digital insurer ONE. The flow featured Miri, the chatbot.



Less than four months later, Miri was at the center of a lawsuit in which Lemonade was suing ONE, wefox and founder and CEO of wefox, Julian Teicke, for copyright infringement – “For example, users of the Lemonade app and website interact with ‘Maya,’ a ‘personal insurance assistant’ with whom users exchange information by text message. Similarly, the ONE app offers ‘Miri,’ which ONE also has termed a personal insurance assistant.”


Long story short, Lemonade CEO and cofounder Daniel Schreiber and Julian Teicke met, after which Lemonade agreed to drop its copyright lawsuit under certain terms – ONE will redesign elements in its app, website and marketing material that are similar to Lemonade. And now, we present you the new ONE flow – notice the missing Miri.