Digital Insurer One is Live & We’ve Got The Flow





The Gist: Wefox-backed digital insurer One is live, offering household and liability insurance starting at €4 a month . “What does [it] look like? If you report any damage, we will settle it in most cases within a few minutes. The insurance can be completed in no time, without paperwork. Via the app you can contact us anytime, anywhere. We also give back what we do not need by rewarding months without damage.” Have a look:




Three more things. One. Munich Re is a reinsurance partner and more (the reinsurer supports One in product development and data analytics). Two. There’s a bonus system. Anyone who has not caused any damage gets a bonus point. Anyone who refers a friend, gets a bonus point. Later, bonus points can be converted into charitable donations, premium reduction, or cash. Three. Ashton Kutcher is a backer. This Ashton Kutcher:


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