Obie Partners with New Silver to Further Simplify Processes for Real Estate Investors

Obie has partnered with New Silver to make getting insured simple and quick for real estate investors who have leveraged New Silver’s lending technology. Investors can now get approved and close on a loan with New Silver in seven days and insure their asset instantly with Obie.

Why has Obie teamed up with New Silver?

Improving the experience of the investor is at the core of both our identities, so the partnership between Obie and New Silver is a natural fit. With this partnership, investors experience a seamless lending and insurance process that removes many frustrations experienced otherwise and will help New Silver close more deals, quickly.

“Securing capital has previously been a cumbersome process involving weeks of waiting and obtaining insurance has historically been a contributor to that slow process. We’re excited to provide those who have secured capital through New Silver the same speed and ease in obtaining the right property insurance. Partnering with New Silver allows us to collaboratively build a better experience for real estate investors that can help to reduce some of the administrative burden for both the originator and borrower.”—Ryan Letzeiser Obie, Co-Founder

“This is a very exciting time for New Silver and Obie. The partnership will allow for investors to have the proper tools to find a property along with easy solutions for insurance coverage to match their property. New Silver is all about simplifying solutions for real estate investors, and we believe this partnership to be the right step in the next direction.” —Kirill Bensonoff New Silver, CEO

Who is New Silver?

New Silver is a private lender for the modern day real estate investor to secure capital. New Silver funds fix and flips, buy and holds, and new construction real estate projects. From their competitive rates to their impeccable speed and agility, New Silver is redefining the borrowing process.

Not only does New Silver make lending quick, but they also make it simple. After applying online, you’ll view loan terms, complete automated underwriting using their proprietary underwriting model. Upon completion, you get approved instantly online with options to personalize your loan. All that’s left upon approval is downloading your proof of funds and completing your appraisal and closing. Taking a once stressful experience and turning it into a painless 6-step process.

How Does New Silver Work?

New Silver has built technology to originate and underwrite short-term bridge loans with more efficiency. Their automated underwriting model is a proprietary tech advancement that allows for the speed you see in the loan process. New Silver then securitizes those loans on the blockchain with capital from DeFi (Decentralized Finance) protocols. DeFi protocols use computer code to operate within the blockchain, reducing intermediaries and replacing traditional centralized institutions. The use of DeFi protocols helps New Silver further increase efficiency and reduce cost, directly improving the lending experience.

Partner with Obie

Obie is actively partnering with technology leaders across the proptech and fintech landscape to help independent investors close more deals and see greater returns. Contact our Partnerships Team by clicking here and learn more about how partnering with Obie can add value to your platform.

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