Obie partners with Belong to support new landlords

At Obie, we want to help everyone achieve the dream of owning and renting property — whether that’s a young family renting out their first home, or a seasoned investor with a portfolio of properties.

That dream shouldn’t be complicated and stressful. And as a company streamlining the way landlord insurance is bought, we value partners who provide similar transparency. This is why we have partnered with Belong to help provide new landlords with rental property insurance. ‍

This partnership will connect those looking to move and rent their homes with a simplified way to get a landlord insurance quote. Instead of spending hours (or days!) shopping around for property management companies and insurance, this partnership provides the convenience and ease of getting both in one place.

Who is Belong?

Belong is a full service end-to-end home management backed by A-list investors such as Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), GGV Capital, and Battery Ventures to name a few. Their mission is to create authentic belonging experiences for those who own much-loved homes, and those longing for that feeling.

For the homeowner, Belong will handle everything for you. For starters, they are going to treat your home exceptionally well. Their in-house, full-time team of Pros will take care of all maintenance and reconditioning on your home, showing up on time, and doing work correctly the first time around. They’ll find really great Residents that will love your home almost as much as you do. And because Belong is building for the future, everything is handled right through their platform, from rent and maintenance requests to communications with your dedicated Concierge.

Why Obie has partnered with Belong 

In addition to basic property management services, Belong offers even more services to take the hassle out of renting. These services include moving, cleaning, storage, and even furnishing your home to make it Instagrammable. Belong partnerships offer tons of discounts. Because Belong is truly a full service end-to-end home management company, it only makes sense that new landlords be able to find insurance for their properties while using Belong’s services.

Here is where Obie comes in. We want to eliminate as many hurdles as possible to getting affordable, straightforward rental property insurance. And by partnering with Belong, homeowners new to the landlord world can eliminate one more touchpoint in the rental process.

“We were able to save my homeowner almost $4,000 by having him go through our partnership with Obie for his landlord’s insurance. The first of many (hopefully) residents and homeowners we will be able to help get insured and save them money moving forward!” – Will Leavitt, Member Success Manager

Obie also works with Belong Home customers to help them understand the differences between Homeowners Insurance (HO3)  and Landlord Insurance (DP3) because the coverage and risks each policy protects against are different. Landlord insurance is designed to protect non-owner occupied properties – so DP3 policies usually cover the residence and other structures on the property. If you’re interested in learning more about the differences check out the video between Belong and Obie’s co-founder Aaron Letzeiser here. 

About Obie

Obie is reinventing the insurance process for landlords and rental property investors. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting out, Obie makes requesting a quote and getting coverage simple, affordable, and transparent. Obie simplifies the insurance experience by providing instant quotes. No back-and-forth with brokers or surprise costs at signing — the way insurance buying should be.‍

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