Next Insurance Trending Upward

“Even as we prepare to share our numbers, it’s important to us to point out one thing we’ve always known: it’s all about building a team full of incredibly smart, talented people. Our employees and our work as a team are what drive us forward. Without our people, there is no way we could achieve the results we have until now, or achieve the goals we’re setting for our future” – Alon Huri, cofounder and CTO at Next Insurance, the Palo Alto-based digital commercial broker with $48M in funding.


Here are the highlights of its 2017: Year in Review:

1. Written premium run rate from December 2016-December 2017 increased exponentially:



2. Took them 400 days to get to their first million, and just 33 days to get to their fifth million:


3. Search volume for “Next Insurance” increased by 239%

4. Sold nearly 19% of their policies overnight (between 9pm-9am)

5. Sold almost 15% of their policies on weekends


Now…imagine how much more policies they could have sold, if they had better partners / better coverage:


Bottom Line: >15,000 customers.