Next Insurance launches new solution with LegalZoom

Next Insurance is introducing a new solution that can generate accurate and customized insurance quotes within seconds.

Presented natively within the LegalZoom user ecosystem, the new offering utilizes a customer’s data from LegalZoom and other sources to provide a tailored quote.

“NEXT is relentlessly pursuing innovation with our partners to develop streamlined, user-friendly digital solutions for small businesses. Like NEXT, LegalZoom recognizes the transformative power of technologies like AI, and how they can help empower customers. Our partnership is making insurance simpler and faster, so business owners can spend less time worrying about coverage and more on what they do best — running their businesses.” – Eran Liron, Chief Strategy Officer of NEXT Insurance.

“New entrepreneurs have a lot on their plate, from meeting legal requirements to setting up their businesses. They rely on and trust LegalZoom and our recommended partners to make things quick, easy, and digital. Teaming up with NEXT, we’re using a tech-first approach to personalize experiences for our customers, saving them precious time and effort when starting their business.” – Kathy Tsitovich, Chief Corporate Development and Partnerships Officer at LegalZoom .