NEXT launches link generator for agents to streamline business insurance

Next Insurance announced the availability of Copilot, a tool to help agents quote and bind online without underwriting delays, while providing agents with a streamlined process.

“NEXT’s Copilot offering has been a game-changer for our agents, allowing us to effortlessly serve the small businesses, freelancers, and independent contractors we support,” said Kimberly Silkes, Vice President of Finance Management at InsuranceBee. “At InsuranceBee, we understand the challenges of running a business, and like NEXT, we are dedicated to delivering fast, affordable, and convenient coverage to our clients. With just a simple click, Copilot eliminates time-consuming steps while providing agents the flexibility to customize the purchasing experience according to their unique selling approach.”

With Copilot, agents can generate a personalized quoting link through NEXT’s agent portal. Agents can then send the link directly to prospective clients after an initial phone call, or promote their link via email, social media, email signatures or their website. Prospects can then click on the link and obtain a quote and purchase a policy 24/7, while agents continue to earn their standard commissions. Additionally, agents have the option to include a quote review before binding, providing both parties with an added level of assurance and peace of mind prior to finalizing the transaction.

“Agents often face the challenge of managing multiple quoting requests, and obtaining client information in a timely manner can be time-consuming,” said Jack Ramsey, Vice President of Agent Business at NEXT Insurance. “NEXT’s Copilot is a unique tool for our partner agents, enabling them to differentiate themselves and better serve small micro businesses with a seamless self-serve quoting experience. Copilot is a win-win, allowing agency staff  to focus on more complex sales while opening new revenue streams with no additional burden.”