Newfront introduces AI-powered benefits assistant

Newfront has released its AI-powered Benefits Assistant to all Slack-enabled clients. The custom-built chat agent provides 24/7 responses to employee questions about their organizations’ total rewards programs.

“Many of our clients are preparing for open enrollment at their organizations, and our benefits assistant empowers their human resources teams to respond to more questions faster,” said Darren Brown, President of Total Rewards at Newfront. “The automation frees up these HR professionals for more strategic work throughout the year.”

Trained on a company’s benefits handbook and related documents, the tool can save human resources teams up to four weeks of work per year by answering employees’ questions about their total rewards programs.

All Newfront clients that use Slack now have the opportunity to use the benefits assistant at their companies included as part of our service agreement. Newfront client Instabase piloted the technology earlier this year.

“We were impressed with the ability of the Benefits Assistant to quickly and accurately answer complicated benefits questions,” said Sidra Narvaez, HR Generalist at Instabase. “Even more exciting was that the Slack chatbot points employees directly to the corresponding section of their benefits guide for verification. Our employees will not only receive swift benefit answers but also become more familiar with our internal resources.”