Moneysupermarket shares preliminary 2022 results

Moneysupermarket , a European insurance and financial services aggregator founded in 1993, recently shared its 2022 results.

The highlights:

  • Moneysupermarket’s insurance vertical accounts for 44% of its revenue, ending 2022 with £172M (and reflecting an 8% growth). For context, the company’s total revenue stood at £387.6M.
  • The company saw its car insurance revenue turn green for the first time in 2022 due to higher market switching volumes. Travel insurance also grew, with revenue almost 50% higher compared to 2019.
  • The company moved its data infrastructure to Google Cloud Platform, claiming a more efficient, flexible and re-deployable tech platform. “We are platformising our largest channels which means we can roll out our comparison services more efficiently across brands, removing the need to duplicate effort.”
  • It launched a marketing campaign starring Dame Judi Dench in the first half of last year. The focus is on sharing ways customers can save money, all under the ‘Mission £1bn’ banner.
  • It also launched the MSM ‘price promise’ – if customers find a better, similar deal in car and home insurance, it will refund the difference and give them a £20 gift card.
  • One of its marketing tech vendors is Braze, a customer engagement platform.
  • It’s making progress with its 2021 acquisitions of CYTI (insurance aggregator services from Ireland), Ice Travel Group (‘ITG’) and Quidco (a cashback brand).
  • It launched its first embedded car insurance journey.