MetLife launches Upwise

MetLife is introducing Upwise, a new mobile app “that helps consumers feel good about their finances.”

Similar to other money management apps, Upwise, which is free of charge, allows users to link their accounts and keep track of their money. Upwise also features “money mood,” a tool where users can understand how they feel about their money, and  according to the site, it also offers a subscription cancellation service.

MetLife isn’t the first insurer venturing into the financial wellness space. In late 2019, Nationwide launched Nimbl, a money management app to help people get out of debt but after 8 months of “in-market testing,” users were informed that the app would come to an end.

And since we’re discussing money management apps, you should know about Swally. The emerging startup claims to be the worlds first proactive budgeting app that tells you how much to spend before you swipe your card.