Nimbl by Nationwide

Nationwide has recently launched Nimbl, a new money management app to help people get out of debt.

The app, available for both Apple and Android devices, allows users to connect some of their financial institutions to bring in spending and debt information. Based on that information, and how users feel about their debt, Nimbl puts together a recommendation for how they could reduce their spending to get out of debt on a timeline that fits their lifestyle. Nimbl can also provide users with access to information about financial products such as personal loans.

“Nationwide engaged consumers from across the U.S. to identify and understand their needs. What they told us is that it’s hard to care about the future when you’re in debt. And that debt is always on their mind and overwhelms them, such that they don’t know what to do or who to go to. They want direction but don’t want to lose control. Nimbl helps them do just that.” – Kirt Walker, Nationwide’s CEO.

“Nimbl stands out from other solutions because of the unique way it helps consumers get an actionable, achievable plan to get out of debt while still maintaining control of their everyday spending decisions. Nimbl puts information at the user’s fingertips so they can be informed when making daily decisions. There are apps that analyze your financial situation and there are apps that give you tips on how to manage your debt. Nimbl does both. It gives users a personalized plan that they can follow and easily adjust as their situation changes.” – Scott Sanchez, Nationwide’s chief innovation officer.

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