Lovys acquires anti-fraud startup Ockert

Lovys has acquired Paris-based Ockert for its AI Claims system that runs more than 50 anti-fraud algorithms for pricing and claims processing.

“The leverage of Ockert’s technology advances our mission to explore new ways to reinvent the customer experience in insurance. I look forward to presenting you with all the changes we will implement in our products, which will take place in November. I am confident that Lovys is by far one of the best-prepared startups in Europe to change the roots of non-life insurance products.” – Lovys CEO, João Cardoso.

“Data analysis was at the heart of all the surveys and technology we have developed. Insurance is one of the last industries not to take advantage of technologies such as artificial intelligence. We believe this is the way to provide users with seamless experiences and real-time answers when they have a problem. We are very proud to partner with Lovys, whom we recognize as having a great vision of the customer experience in insurance.” – new CPO, Ola Ajayi.