Insurance competitors Leocare and Lovys secure investments

Paris-based Leocare announced it has raised €15 million in a Series A round from investors including Felix Capital, Ventech and Daphni.

Founded in 2017, LeoCare (a team of ~33) allows users to obtain a car insurance quote by answering 7 questions. It also offers home, motorcycle and smartphone insurance. “Since our launch in 2017, our vision of building and deploying the new generation of insurance has remained intact: transparent, personalized, at the right price, with a balanced and permanent dialogue. No more long contracts with clauses all as obscure as each other and incessant trips to an agency: with one and the same application, you subscribe, consult, change, communicate and live your insurance serenely.”

Bottom Line: LeoCare serves 20,000 customers.

The other insurance startup serving 20,000 customers is Lovys , another Paris-based startup that has announced a €17 million Series A financing round. The company (a team of ~53) also operates in the space of personal lines insurance.